Project Management

When the Project Documentation phase is complete, it does not mean the job is done. JDG then enters into the Project Management phase. This phase consists of taking all of the information that has been compiled into the construction documents and ensuring the project is built according to the vision and specifications laid forth in the previous phases.

JDG can assist with many of the following items:

  • Coordinating the bid process which includes issuing the construction detail set to General Contractors for bid and assisting with any questions or concerns that arise during bidding.
  • Submitting drawings to the building department for permit.
  • Reviewing shop drawings, samples, etc., for conformance with the specifications contained within the construction documents.
  • Assisting in providing clarification or interpretation of information during construction.
  • Assisting with project management, change-orders and on-site construction supervision.
  • Assisting each client with General Contractors or Sub Contractor’s pay out request.
  • Attending job site meetings to assist in the coordination and provide updates on the construction progress.
  • Preparing a punch list for each of the trades involved and assisting in closing out the construction portion of the project.

“Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end here…it continues long after their doors are open for business.”

Mark Johnson, Principal of JDG